The Plan

The Plan includes a diet medically designed to create conditions that encourage your body’s natural ability to use fat for energy.


To lose weight, members must obviously consume fewer calories. We keep the minimum daily protein requirements the same as a balanced diet. Protein is essential to the body for growth and repair. This is not a “high protein diet”. We reduce fat and carbohydrates. This forces the body to stay in “fat burning mode” 24 hours a day. Based on 25 years of experience the Plan is safe, predictable and repeatable. Members report a noticeable loss of pounds and inches and improvement in their health within a week of starting the Plan.


The Plan requires members to (1) attend a free, no obligation educational workshop before they start (2) eat four times a day with breakfast, lunch and an evening snack coming from a choice of over 70 FDA approved, delicious high quality, low calorie, high biological value, protein foods purchased at w8loss club and with dinners consisting of controlled portions of meats and vegetables purchased from grocery stores or restaurants (3) drink lots of water and take vitamins and supplements with meals (4) restrict exercise and (5) visit w8loss club for weekly consultations including a FREE InBody570 body composition analysis to monitor progress.

The foods purchased at w8loss club which replace breakfast, lunch and an evening snack cost approximately $4 per meal; the vitamins and supplements cost approximately $3 per day. A one time administrative fee is charged when you join.

Why are w8loss club members successful?

There are at least five reasons:


1 Our products are delicious and satisfying – providing hot and cold selections, different textures, and sweet, salty and crunchy snacks too.


2 Our weight loss plan is simple to follow with the help of our w8loss coaches and easy to incorporate into a member’s busy lifestyle.


3 Members are not hungry while following the plan because the appetite is naturally suppressed.

4 Members are motivated by the weekly noticeable loss of pounds and inches and improvement in their health.


5 Members that follow our maintenance program and incorporate what they have learned into their regular diet and eating habits stabilize and maintain their weight loss for life.