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A Message from the President/Loser:

During most of my adult life I tried to eat less and exercise more to maintain a healthy weight. Despite my efforts, every year I gained a few more pounds and inches. Although my accumulated fat was not enough for me to be considered obese I was not happy with how I looked and the realization that every year I was getting fatter.

That changed when I learned how to eat in a manner that creates conditions that encouraged my body’s natural ability to use its fat for energy. In 90 days I lost 40 pounds and 5 inches from my waist to get to my healthy weight. To this date, I have not gained the pounds or inches back.

My results may not be considered much to you, but it was life changing for me. (These days, I look back and ponder the inevitable that if my annual accumulation of fat had gone unchecked I would likely be 50 pounds above my healthy weight, wearing size 40 inch waist pants and considered obese today. Scary!)

I was so excited by what I learned and my results that I started a club, w8loss club, so I could share what I learned with others that are frustrated trying to lose pounds and inches and maintain a healthy weight.

When you attend a free, no obligation educational workshop at w8loss club you will learn why we’re fat and how to unlock your body’s natural ability to use its fat for energy so you lose weight. Join w8loss club and we will put you on a plan that creates conditions that encourage your body’s natural ability to use its fat for energy so you lose fat (not muscle) in less time than you thought possible. As a member of w8loss club you will also learn how to maintain your healthy weight for life and if you slip and gain back a few pounds and inches we will be here to help you reset.

I encourage you to accept my invitation to join w8loss club; be a loser, join the club!